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Comunicados Heimtextil closes its first edition in Latin America with more than 4,500 specialized visitors and with business opportunities in the textile-home and interior design categories

  • Heimtextil Colombia presents the balance of its first edition with more than 4,500 specialized visitors from over 15 countries, 118 exhibitors, 1,200 national and international buyers and an economic impact of more than $2,000 million for Medellin.

Colombia, April 25, 2024 – Heimtextil Colombia finishes its first edition with more than 4,500 specialized visitors, 1,200 national and international buyers, 118 exhibitors and business opportunities to be materialized in the short and medium term. For three consecutive days, this originally German tradeshow, for the first time in Latin American soil, highlighted the opportunities the Country and the region have in the textile-home, interior design, and hospitality categories.

Heimtextil Colombia linked the most relevant and specialized players in the textile and interior design industries from the Country with leader companies from Latin America, Europe, and Asia, showing the differenced value offer and the capacity to face a target with a global market of 1,2 billion dollars. 

“Heimtextil Colombia arrived at Latin America and is here for good. During this first edition, the Country showed a perfect combination between the Colombian brands DNA and the production capabilities from the supplies, and materials and finished product companies from over 15 strategic markets. Our Country keeps consolidating as a hub for networking, knowledge and for the fashion ecosystem for the region and the whole world highlighting the value offer of our industry”, states Sebastián Díez, Inexmoda CEO.

Inexmoda and its internationalization strategy for the Colombian Fashion System, besides promoting the competitivity of the companies from the industry, consolidates Colombia and Medellin with different tradeshows as strategic destinations for businesses, design, creativity, and culture. In accordance with the government of the city of Medellin, during the three days of the tradeshow, an economic benefit of more than $2,000 million was registered thanks to the participation of exhibitors, buyers, and specialized visitors from the industry.

118 exhibitors form which 60% were international and 40% national, presented their proposals for home textiles, furniture, decoration products, space concepts and sensorial experiences. All of them had high innovation, sustainability, and connection with the nature components. Countries like India, Singapore, Pakistan, China, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and Turkey stood out with their roles in the tradeshow, while Colombian brands from Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla inspired the visitors with a distinctive signature stamp before the world.

Meanwhile, Heimtextil Colombia established a bridge for culture, networking, and knowledge of 1,200 buyers from all the American continent, Europe, and Asia, highlighting the opportunities the national industry has to become more competitive before the world thanks to its signature DNA, biodiversity, and materials diversity, quality, creativity and strategic location.

Inexmoda – the institute with the license for the realization of Heimtextil Colombia—added the Latin-American ingredient to this tradeshow with more than 50 years of trajectory with spaces like ‘Creative Colombia’ and ‘Kitchen by Heimtextil’. “The differentiating value we have as a national industry lies in the creativity and the signature design highlighting our identity as a Country. ‘Creative Colombia’ brought together proposals and concepts from 10 Colombian brands in the different spaces inside a house, such as the main bedroom, the living room, the dining room, the kids’ bedroom and the backyard. In the tradeshow we also put under the spotlight one of the most visited and valued spaces for the families, the kitchen. For the three days we generated cooking experiences perfectly blended with home textiles, etiquette, and our culture”, says Leonor Hoyos, Connection Platforms director from Inexmoda.

The “Knowledge Set” had 14 conferences, talks, and stands about the importance of the hospitality, the future of the habitat and the environment, strategies and business models to develop sustainable competitive advantages and fashion and inspiration for creating products connecting with the consumers. On the other hand, the “Trends Forum” presented three trends for the season 2024/2025, inspired in nature, technology, and biotechnology.

With Heimtextil Colombia, Inexmoda moves towards its bet for internationalizing the brands and companies from the national industry by exploring new categories in which the Colombian stamp and DNA stand out.

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